Official Seed-O-Holics Rules


When you register for an account on Seed-O-Holics, you agree to abide by all of these rules, to understand and agree with the content in the Help Sections, FAQ Section, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

All of the Seed-O-Holics Official Rules are listed in the Help and FAQ Sections already. They have been incorporated into the general context of these sections to help you understand how to use the site, while also abiding by the site's rules. In the Terms & Conditions, it states that you can only register for an account after you have read, agreed to and understood our Privacy Policy, the Help Sections and the FAQ Section. When you complete your registration, you are bound by these terms and agree to follow them. Period.

Failure to follow these rules laid out in the Help Sections, FAQ Sections or Terms & Conditions will result in one of the following:

- Your account being suspended

- Your account being deleted


NOTE: If you sign up for another account without our permission, we will permanently ban you from the site.




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